Monday, October 13, 2008

40 weeks and six days...

So. Tomorrow I am officially one week past my due date. According to my doctors my body just likes being pregnant too much; the environment too cozy, the little ones have no reason to leave. This is more than I can bare, however. Philosophically resistant to the idea of any sort of induction a week ago, I told them this morning to just get her out of there, even if they had to cut her out. Oh what a week overdue can do to one's convictions... Contractions woke me up at a quarter to five this morning and I am definitely making progress. If she doesn't come on her own this evening, I will be admitted to the hospital tomorrow early am to begin the induction process. Tonight is a full moon- maybe that will bring her out. My little wolf baby.

She is a good girl though, waiting until we were able to get somewhat settled into the new part of the house. I made it through a week at the inlaws; the new hardwood floors are beautiful. Our wonderful families helped us empty the pod yesterday, so we are all moved back in. We were able to sleep in our new room last night; it is so nice and strange to have all of this extra room now.
Another few weeks and we should have our loose ends tied up and be settled in with the baby.

Thanks for the warm wishes via email and phone messages (Julie, love ya) and we'll let you know when Annie arrives. I'm hoping she will be outside of my body by this time tomorrow. Stockley Gardens is this weekend, and I hate missing that...

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