Sunday, December 30, 2007

Crash Smash Explode

My husband has always been involved with one band or another (or two or three) for the past couple of decades, playing the guitar and bass. Crash Smash Explode was one such band. Every once in awhile he does a Google search to see if any one has uploaded any photos that were taken during past out of town tours. Tonight we found this review on and I thought it was pretty cool. Mike says- "who knew we were so relevant?" Ha! Can 'The Winds' (his new project) live up to it?

"Crash Smash Explode/Secret Life Of Machines - Split
Crash Smash Explode/Secret Life Of Machines


Bifocal Media 7

Released on September 18, 2001


CRASH SMASH EXPLODE delivers a whirling, dense, masterpiece of sonic devastation. They somehow manage to stay catchy while playing some of the most eclectic, neurotic, andchallenging rock music in the underground today. This split LP is a stunning follow up to their SOLD OUT 7" on Amendment Records. Crash Smash have also appeared on the WHISTLE OF THE MISSILE video and the KAMPAI compilation; both available on Bifocal Media. More recently crash smash appeared on the highly successful TROUBLEMAN MIX TAPE compilation making this limited split LP a highly sought after recording. SECRET LIFE OF MACHINES steps to bat with a crushing wall of sonic manipulation. Combining the moody melancholy of early 80s bands such as BAUHAUS with the complexity and angst of mid 90s bands like UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON. Huge tribal drumming, dissonant keyboards, complex noodly guitar, pained screaming vocals, and jazzy bass lines. This release follows an overwhelming response to their appearance on the WHISTLE OF THE MISSILE video and the KAMPAI compilation."


swampy said...

i like masterpiece the best. thats not really saying much though. i have pooped some pretty amazing masterpieces. if anybody wans copies of this i can upload them to you.

Anonymous said...
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