Friday, August 29, 2008

hocus pocus.

Here is that Silver Apples song that I was referring to in the last post. Catchy, non? Complete with footage of Henry golfing it up, summer style. It is bizarre how he intuitively grasps all of these different sports. Mike is very athletic, but this is relegated mostly to skateboarding. We both did the usual organized sports as kids- soccer, swimming, basketball, softball, cheerleading (shhhh); but we don't watch any football and certainly don't run off to play golf on the weekends. But when Henry sees a football, basketball, or soccer ball he literally freaks out. Someone got him a little golf set at the beginning of the summer and the rest is history. If we want him to be happy at a cookout or some other outdoor event, we just bring along a club and some balls. Yep, my son loves balls!!

Henry, Golf Genius from Marissa on Vimeo.

Also, as promised: The Whispering Winds blurb we put together. Totally ridiculous.

"From the ashes of shoegaze, psychedelic, 2step, and western swing springs forth Whispering Winds.
Whispering Winds are pushing the boundaries of wizardry through the implementation of such magical
musical devices as delay, reverb, wah-wah, and phaser. They have more tricks up their sleeves than
both Siegfried and Roy AND their two wily tigers. Traveling across a musical spectrum punctuated
by both extreme repetition and simple pop, the Winds weave magical tapestries of layered sound which
may or may not bend your mind. "

Come out to the show. Saturday night at The Boot. It "may or may not bend your mind."


suzystel said...

we are coming out for the mindbending....see you tonmight!

Bumble TART said...

ahahahahahaha cool!