Friday, January 18, 2008


My neck is sore tonight from pouring over tear sheets, and other various research I've lovingly procured for some upcoming floral design jobs. I should be working on collages/scanning in works to my soon to open etsy shop, but I have to number my priorities and keep them straight- beautiful flowers call. I think I dream in flowers lately, and I am completely obsessed. Cymbidium orchids, tulips, gloriosa lilies en masse. Peonies in all of their ruffly goodness; the camelias that are blooming in my yard right now- a salmon pink- I clip them, gather them by the arm fulls, and bring them in.... where I can see them always, enjoy them, study them, LOVE them. I can sense the beginning turns of some daffodil shoots stirring just beneath the earth- this year will be the biggest show of my favorite flower in our yard. The bulbs multiply each year- they have babies. I can't wait to carry those babies in, en masse! Ah, flowers. It is funny how life twists and turns and delivers us into our passion (despite everything we've been conditioned for) if we listen closely enough.
Henry has been so sweet lately, swimming and dripping like melted caramel. All boy, but such a sweet, loving and affectionate boy. I blow off other things (laundry, dishes) to sit on the floor and wait for him to tackle me with hugs and kisses. I savor this serious display of devotion because I know one day the tide will change and I'll have to coax it from him. But yesterday and today, and hopefully tomorrow, he unabashedly wants to smother me with his love. He lounges in my lap, runs his fingers through my hair, climbs across me like I'm the best jungle gym he ever knew. Ah, love. My whole life I knew and loved this little boy, I felt his potential brewing up in me. And here he is. Even the most mundane task (waiting in line at the grocery store) is illuminated, made exciting and grand, by his very presence. He flirts with the stern old ladies in line behind us, and it makes me laugh. He makes me... less serious despite myself.
It is supposed to snow tomorrow night and I am just beside myself. I'm not sure how many times I checked the projected hourly weather report today, but it was ALOT. I yearn for snow... When you grow up in a city wherein "beach" is part of the name of said city, snow is a very. big. deal. I am so hoping and praying for a good show tomorrow night (a projected 3-5 inches!). We'll see. It will be Henry's first real snow.
That arrangement above is one ma mere and I did before Christmas- they wanted a "garden-looking" arrangement of pinks and greens.

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Amber said...

What a sweetly worded post. I love this! :)