Wednesday, January 10, 2007

mom jeans.

So my friend Suzy is running a marathon this spring and asked if any of her friends would like to join her. I would really love to- but I have no idea where to begin. It has been ages since I ran; and the last time I did run was probably when I was chasing after -or being chased by something. Not like thugs or wild animals kind of chasing, more like neighborhood dogs kind of chasing- my old neighbor had a great dane that used to escape all of the time. Anyhow- they also don't recommend running about much when your pregnant, because you don't want to bump the fetus around too much.
I was actually in amazing shape when I was pregnant. Most of the fat in my body seemed to suck forward into my tummy area, making me look as if I swallowed a HUGE butterball turkey, but 'normal' everywhere else. Towards the end of my pregnancy I really got into shape due to alot of vigorous walking- trying to bring on labor (I remind you that I was eleven days overdue). And after I had the baby everyone kept saying "wow, you don't look like you just had a baby! you look terrific!" so I proceeded to eat mass quantities of icecream. That buy one get one free sale at farm fresh is so, so dangerous.
Which brings me back to the marathon. It would be a great impetus to get back into shape. Suzy told me I should get one of those jogging stroller thingys. I just never saw myself as a jogging stroller thingy kind of person. But then again, I never saw myself sniffing towards a childs rear area to try to detect if a diaper change is necessary.... so I guess things change. I need to do something... or the next stop on this train is: dum, dum, dummmmmm- the dreaded mom jeans. We'll see.

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suzystel said...

it's not a true marathon, it's an 8k=5.2 miles. only crazies run marathons!